Short, Bald & Handy with a Camera

Hey I’m Roo (it’s short for Andrew, never been an Andy for some reason) I live in Nuneaton a small town in Warwickshire with my beautiful wife Jade and our two boys, and I spend my days capturing love stories all over the world, not a bad gig hey?

Before that I was a graphic designer and before that I was a bang average guitarist playing in a variety of bands and gradually damaging my hearing.

I laugh way too hard at fart jokes, have a super weird ‘bouncy’ walk, regularly get lost in a black hole of random You Tube videos and have recently got ‘proper into’ mowing my lawn.


Bands: The Walkmen, Muse, Charlie Cunningham, Biffy Clyro, Bon Iver, Cold War Kids, Death From Above, Kendrick Lamar, Abba, Dire Straits… I could go on…

Books: Everything is Illuminated, most of the Palahniuk books, A Clockwork Orange, Cloud Atlas, Bed, The Road.

Films: Fight Club, pretty much any French film, Gummo, Gattaca.

Food: Steak, Chips and pretty much anything that is bad for me.

Drink: San Miguel, Punk IPA, or a nice cold coke out of the glass bottles like when you’re on holiday.