The Manor House, Castle Combe Wedding Videographer

Victoria & Shaun hosted their wonderful wedding day at the incredible Manor House Hotel in Castle Combe. The grounds of The Manor House were the perfect setting for an emotional outdoor ceremony, later the couple took a moment for themselves with a stroll through the picture perfect quaint village of Castle Combe just a stones throw from the Wedding venue.

The video absolutely blew us away…..along with everyone that has seen it! Can’t speak highly enough of how amazing Roo was! So much fun on the day, and such a professional… we felt completely comfortable on the day.

Victoria & Shaun

Victoria & Shaun’s Wedding Dream Team:

Bride and Groom Q&A

How did you guys meet?

It was in a pub in Shoreditch… good old Crown & Shuttle. He was dressed as a geography teacher, she was wearing a fringe and a hat. The spark was lit! The rest is history!

Tell me about yourself, How do you like to spend your time?

Spending time with family friends , exercising, popping away for weekend getaways. We love a mini break – it’s not a holiday!!

How did the proposal go down?

The proposal happened on a mini break to Bruges staying at Hotel Dukes’ Palace, drinking in the hotel bar, Shaun had popped up to the room… left me in the bar for what felt like AGES!

I notice the bar staff whispering amongst themselves looking at me, then one approached me and very seriously asks me to follow her! she was obviously nervous about her role in the proposal, but for I was petrified something was wrong with Shaun my heart sank! (bit of a dramatic start!haha)

I walk into a private candle lit room with a black book on the table, i notice it was the scrap book of our memories that Shaun first gave to me on our 1 year anniversary in Paris! he had carried on filling in all our special memories, dates etc, right up to us being in Bruges……as I get to the end I turn around and Shaun has appeared……with a ring, gets down on one knee

The rest is a happy blur of tears!

How did you choose The Manor House, Castle Combe as your venue?

By pure coincidence on one of our mini breaks long before we were engaged! Stumbled across the beautiful Castle Combe, exploring the quaint little village and noticed these beautiful grounds gated off for a private event…..obviously made me want to see what was inside even more! Looked online and was blown away! A couple of years down the line with a ring on the finger, we knew exactly where to visit!

What sort of experience did you want your guests to have?

We wanted them to have a quintessentially english experience!

Fun, chilled, looked after and entertained!

Describe the theme and stylings of your wedding?

We’d say we tried to capture the country, english vibe but with a touch of elegance and fun.

Why did you choose to have a wedding film?

Always knew we wanted it filmed! As much as you love looking through photos, to be able to watch a film of the whole day capturing all the special moments was a big thing for us!!

What was your best decision during planning?

Booking RooFilms!

No lie!

What was the hardest decision during planning?

Location! We knew The Cotswolds was a bit of journey for a lot of our friends and family, but it all paid off in the end as most people got a lovely weekend away and continued their break exploring the lovely surrounding villages!

What were your favourite memories from the day?

Too many to choose from! One that stands out having a private moment after the ceremony with a view over all the grounds and our friends & family! It was an overwhelming feeling, and we felt so lucky to have all the people that mean the most to you there celebrating!

What advice would you give couples planning a wedding?

RELAX! It was so annoying hearing this when you are in the heat of the wedding planning stress but everything does come together in the end. If you are feeling the stress, take a week off from planning and you can go back in with a fresh head and get a lot more done.

Also always remember no one cares about the silly little bits as much as you so don’t let it get to you too much, people are just happy to be there on your big day!