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Wedding Filmmaking for Photographers

Are you a wedding photographer looking to move into wedding videography? That was the exact same journey I took 3 years ago, successfully switching my business from photo to video. At my in-person workshop ‘Pivot’ I will teach you how to do the same.

Whether you are looking to switch entirely over to video or just add a valuable skill to your current business, I will show you how you can utilise the skills you already have and the equipment you already own to create awesome wedding films.

The workshop will include

  • How to create great films with minimal gear
  • The optimal settings for run & gun filmmaking
  • How to approach every aspect of the wedding day
  • Complete breakdown of multi-camera filming for ceremony & speeches
  • How to use your skills & knowledge as a photographer to give you a huge advantage when moving into video
  • Complete editing workflow & breakdown – Import to delivery
  • How to edit wedding films in the same time-frame as photos
  • How to deliver your films online & create a great client experience
  • Pricing and package structure for optimal results

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